CM3 Oregon Legislative Bill Tracking Features

The CM3 Oregon Legislative Bill Tracking Service has a rich feature set that is always expanding based upon input from businesses like yours.

Current Features

  1. Internet Calendar Subscriptions
    Unique calendaring system that keeps you up to date on legislative meetings. Subscribe once and your calendar will automatically sync after that.
  2. Fully Customizable Tracking System
    CM3 provides a system that is fully customizable to the needs of your business.
  3. Analytic Reporting
    CM3 provides a comprehensive reporting systems that lets your business run and customize reports.
  4. Read Bills Online
    Save time and money by reading bills online. The CM3 systems allow you to keep track of what you have read and to log the bills that you want to track.


  1. Intelligent Tracking
    Let the CM3 Intelligent Tracking feature find bills for you to track.
  2. Search Current and Past Bills
    Search for any current or past bills.
  3. Bill History
    Pull the latest bill history.
  4. Business Metrics
    Analyze what your business is tracking and for whom.
  5. Guest Account Access
    Allow access to any of your clients to the CM3 system and let them run reports on the bills your business is tracking for them.