Secure and Reliable

CM3's secure and reliable infrastructure means your data is safe and our service has more uptime for your business.

CM3 is deployed in a tier 1 cloud data center.

Network Providers

Diverse entry and fully protected fiber-optic connections with top providers, Cogent, Level3, Global Crossing and TW Telecom, help us to deliver ultra-low latency covered by an industry-leading.

Power Sources

Separate power grids, dedicated wiring, a+b UPS protection, and on-demand diesel generators with automatic transfer between power sources ensures superior redundancy across facilities.

Physical Security

Security patrols, keycard access, biometric hand and fingerprint identification, and 3rd-party alarm monitoring to ensure the safety of our facilities. All data center activity is recorded and video footage is archived for 90 days.

Secure Location

Geographically centered in the United States, located away from the coasts and the threat of hurricanes. Positioned outside of high risk earthquake zones.