CM3 Oregon Legislative Bill Tracking Pricing

Number of Bill Tracks Per Month
Monthly Cost
1-125 $125
126-225 $190
226-325 $255
326-425 $320
426-525 $385
525+ $450
  1. The above prices include the first three people to whom bills are assigned to on your calendar, from each company that signs up. If you have more than three people that you assign bills to on your calendar in your organization there will be a monthly fee of $50 per additional three people.
  2. Guest fees - $50.00 per month with a limit of 100 guests. We can easily arrange for more guests if needed.
  3. Initial set-up fee is $100.00. This fee will be waived for all individuals that sign up before December 1, 2016 and will be reduced to $50.00 for all individuals that sign up between December 1st and January 1, 2017.
  4. Billings will occur the first of each month for the number of bills entered into the system during the previous month.
  5. Payments made for tracking services are non refunable.